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Wednesday, April 2, 2008
" blogged at; 8:15 PM
Hanging in there :p lols.

Lovely her (:

Oh my, so cute of him :p

Old building (:
the runaway.

Monday, February 18, 2008
" blogged at; 8:13 PM
im feeling down
for some reason
uncertain too.
ytd evening
was really great
as we'd a special feast
for the whole christian family
over at aunty sharon's place
was fun too.
but i will
continue to pray hard
for faith,
hope, love and
the runaway.

Sunday, February 17, 2008
" blogged at; 9:35 PM
praise the lord.
i wanna thank father lord
for everything.
especially for today,
and up till today
i'm able to stand up
by myself already(:
halfway there
will continue to strive hard.
miss jessica mei alot!
god bless.
the runaway.

Saturday, February 2, 2008
" blogged at; 8:23 PM
almost lost my life
just like that
ytd night
cried and
fell flat on the ground
with no strength at all
i only could
remember that
i was trying hard to grasp for air
that i just couldn't
was too much of oxygen for my lungs
my muscles were all tensed
unable to relax
was then given a plastic bag
to breathe
i slowed down
but still tensed
i knew i wasnt awake
i just doze off like that
feeling exhaust
the feeling of leaving was there.
somehow scary but
at the same time
thinking if i were to let go &
just leave
wouldn't be a bad choice too.
but i woke up
found myself on the bed
thank god
i was saved
for once more again
my relapse was here.
till the day
i still thank god for what
had happened to me.
i knew i wasnt meant to leave
here yet
but to continue to have
faith and strength.
thank Lord.
-deep loved.
the runaway.

Thursday, January 31, 2008
" blogged at; 2:11 PM
im aiming to
get a
N95 Black 8GB
and a
new itouch
with a trade-in
of my nano
2nd gen.
hopefully very sooon.
i just wish im
rich now
cant wait!
wanting to get a
new classic
bag for myself too (:
back into classics.
-deep loved.
the runaway.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008
" blogged at; 8:52 PM
Don't know where to start
'cuz something ain't going right
Feel it in my soul 'cuz I've tried,
oh baby
Tried to keep you satisfied,
please don't cry
I just think we both need time
I just feel that we are in the same room
But living two worlds apart
And it's causing too much pain
She said,
"Baby can you please just stay
It ain't too late to work this thing out,
"I said, "Girl this ain't easy for me,
At least the truth is coming out
"She said,
"Why can't we make up like the last time,
I'm just afraid to hear you say go."
I said,
"Baby I'm sorry, I think it's time we let go."
"Baby don't leave, don't leave, don't leave,
Tell me you'll stay, you'll stay, you'll stay"
"Gotta leave, gotta leave, gotta leave 'cuz
I think it's time we let go"
See these teardrops falling from your eyes
That don't change my mind (oh baby)
Please don't make things more difficult then they gotta be
I can't take no more
This is killing me
And everytime I look at you
I see more reason for me to leave you,
And it's causing me too much pain yeah!
im just glad that i managed to catch 27 Desses
after school
thankyou once again superhero (:
a good movie!
im suffering my own pain.
-deep loved.
the runaway.

Monday, January 28, 2008
" blogged at; 8:12 PM
Early Sunday morning
head for breakfast
then to church (:
feeling excited.
met new people
how nice
its a blessing
from Lord to meet these new peeps.
well got to stay up in church till 2pm
as i received
the prayer of hope & strength
from pastor whitley
tog with jasmine.
i thanked them
graciously for
being so grateful to me.
And the prayer of faith
will save the sick,
and the Lord will raise him up.
-James 5;15.
went to do some shopping
after that with aunty jasmine (:
was great!
not to forget those HOTDOGS!
had dinner at FOODREPUBLIC,
head home (:
thankLord once again.
-deep loved.
the runaway.

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Loves Hayley.
just 2 months right after x'mas is the day i was given my life to this world.

loves guits n drums.
travelling's my hobby.
core stability,coordination and flexibility.

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